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If you are a creative person, perhaps you suffer from the same thing I do which has me constantly wondering if ‘I’ve still got it’ after enough time has passed without either conception of completion of a given idea to suggest I’ve still got something exciting up my sleeve. Of course that’s nonsense and sometimes exactly what you NEED is this kind of amnesty granted by your intuition in order to move forward. You can run yourself into the ground if you never take a breath, the same as you can get into trouble if you let repose bloat and morph into lethargy or apathy. I hate the word ‘bloat.’
Adam Young (via sneakybookworm)

when daylights falling the night comes crawling up for help
take me with you
don’t leave me alone with myself

the stars start stalling
when the sky starts bawling out of the blue
take me with you
don’t let me drowned in myself

if anything could ever be the same
I’d tear down the clouds just to see it again
you all wonder why I’m so shy
I have yet to see the world with my own two eyes
so this is goodbye


this rusty frame work is about to cave in on itself
he said take me with her
don’t leave me alone by myself

let’s just say this wasnt possible a few months ago

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